Senator Marie Poulin

Marie Poulin and Rachel Decoste

Senator from Ontario, Marie Poulin

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"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it."
Margaret Fuller (1810 - 1850)
  • For students of all ages. :
    Black Canadian History Lesson
    An overview of select fascinating characters in Canadian history.
    Did you know that of the 10 provinces was founded by a Black immigrant? Did you know that the person who made the first verbal contact with Native Americans during the maiden voyage of Samuel de Champlain was an African polyglot? Did you know that black Canadians claimed their civil rights before the famous American Rosa Parks? There is so much to discover about the contributions of Afro-descendants to Canadian history!
  • For immigrant youth and second generation Canadians :
    Top Ten Lies My Immigrant Parents Told Me
    A journey towards a greater awareness of Canadian cultural norms.
    In this hour-long seminar, Rachel uses comic anecdotes and analogies to illustrate cultural differences between the developing world our parents come from and Canada. Audience members are encouraged to recognize the cultural gaps and embrace all that Canada has to offer. Rachel share nuggets of valuable information she wishes someone would have told her when she was navigating the intercultural landscape as an impressionable child.
  • For businesses and public service departments:
    Diversity in the Workplace
    How to make it work for you.
    In this hour-long seminar, Rachel uses humour and examples to illustrate cultural differences and finishes with a list of concrete tactics to foster greater understanding within employees. These initiatives are easy to implement in your workplace.
  • For Grade 12 and University students:
    Learning The Game, Playing To Win.
    Stop Getting Played. Become A Player.
    In this hour-long seminar, Rachel gives a frank talk about the political game where she shares her experience as a young volunteer, and gives an inside look. Rachel's youthful look and enthusiasm has enabled her to reach to youth in a special, meaningful way. Several teachers and principles have noted the number of students who decided to get involved in their community following Rachel's inspirational talk.
  • For new Canadians, Community Orgs :
    It's your Canada, stake your claim!
    Why Volunteering Works. Why Voting Works.
    In this hour-long seminar, Rachel explains the basic principles of the major parties, then gives a frank talk about the political game where she shares her experience behind the scenes. Having immigrant parents, Rachel is uniquely positioned to both understand the experiences of the audience, gaining their trust to direct them in a credible way towards the path of integration and success. Includes networking: "why" and "how-to". Past audiences have been enlightened by Rachel's talk, which instigated their interest in paying attention to all 3 levels of government.
"It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny."
-- Jean Nidetch