Rachel's 2013 Blog

December 20, 2013
I found a copy of Us Magazine from June 1997. At that time, the magazine was monthly, not weekly. They had an article about this "new phenomenon" called the "World wide web", where geeks had created fan websites as platforms to worship their favourite celebs. I was mentioned in this article as "a pioneer". Read it here. See it here (PDF).

November 30, 2013
I made my debut on BBC World radio and AfroNerd Radio this month.

September 22, 2013
Has it been a year already? I made the 14 hour drive to Dearborn, Michigan a year ago to work full time on President Obama's re-election campaign. I learned so much from the experience. Mostly, I learned to appreciate even more the social safety net that we have here in Canada. I wish every Canadian could see and live in the alternative method in order to fully comprehend the value of our Canadian society. #QualityEducation #Healthcare

September 14, 2013
I have gone back to school to learn the portuguese language. Ouch! It is much more challenging than learning Spanish and Italian!

September 1, 2013
During my inaugural visit to California, I noticed many instances of sustainable energy being utilized in public transportation, including the ferry boat from San Francisco to Alcatraz. It would be great if we could import some of these great ideas, eh?

July 15, 2013
Ottawa's inaugural Picnic in White is just 10 days away. I have already chosen my outfit: a white dress. Have you?

July 14, 2013
I'll be on CFRA radio's Sunday Morning Blend to talk about the Trayvon Martin case. You can download the podcast here. I start at minute 32:00.

July 1, 2013
I'm ready for Canada Day.
2013_cdn_flag_on_house1 (249K)

April 10th, 2013
Oprah is in Ottawa. What a dream come true for the Queen of TV to come to our nation's capital. She did not dissappoint. I chose my attire to honour this inspirational woman -- wearing the colour purple, of course!
2013_april_oprah (74K)

March 21, 2013
This is the first anniversary of my foray into writing at the Huffington Post Canada. It's been a learning experience, to say the least.

Feb 2013
Canadian jazz pianist Oliver Jones was honoured with a stamp this month.
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Feb 2013
I attended Minister Jason Kenney's annual Black History Month launch event at the War Museum. This year, the federal government is saluting black Canadians in law enforcement. I am pictured with the Chief of Police of Winnpeg and Toronto's Deputy Chief Sloly.
2013_BHM_launch (278K)

January 21, 2013
After my long stint in working on Obama for America campaign 2012, I was given access to tickets for the official Inaugural Ball.
2013_Obama_Ball (134K)

January 19, 2013
I'm in Washington, D.C. for the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. I'll be attending the official ball as well.